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Why Hire? Why Not buy?

It has been proven, it is far more cost effective to hire your mat and have it professionally cleaned than to purchase your own mat and try and clean it yourself !


No capital outlay, no replacement costs, no downtime for cleaning, no costs for chemicals, Eliminate EPA , Local Authority or WH&S concerns

To function properly, ANY mat must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, otherwise it becomes the source rather than the solution for dirt.

Unless a mat is engineered to trap soil and moisture below the surface, it stays on top where it is walked off and re deposited on the floor. Again, the "solution" becomes the problem.

With mats that actually trap dirt below the surface, vacuuming only removes about 10% of the dirt ! Sweeping or beating is completely useless. Hosing, or other water pressure systems only add to the problem by forcing the grit further into the pile and causing damage to the twist.

A MaTTrix mat is engineered to be so efficient that they must be commercially cleaned in Industrial washing machines and extractors to remove dust, dirt and sand. Extraction forces of up to 350"g" are not uncommon.